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No matter what time of the year you’re here to film, the Little Falls Film Commission is ready to handle all of your needs!

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Film Commission Members

David E. Warner — Director

Warner has been a serial entrepreneur and photographer for more than 40 years. He is currently focused on making short films while working as Publisher of My Little Falls, LLC a micro-local media company. Its mission is to generate interest in the community and connect residents in a more meaningful way by facilitating deeper conversations about how news and events will shape the future of Little Falls New York. Email:

Deborah A. Kaufman — Public Relations/Marketing

Kaufman brings over 25 years of experience as a C-level executive to the Film Commission as well as her entrepreneurial spirit as a co-founder in six companies delivering technology solutions to Fortune 2000 companies. She also founded one of the first interactive ad agencies and was ranked in the top ten interactive ad agencies in Austin, Tx. Over the years, Kaufman has built a reputation as the “go-to” person for crafting compelling brand stories and utilizing the power of a mixed-media approach to generate awareness and interest. Email:

Tony DeLuca - Executive Director LF Youth and Family Center

​Anthony (Tony) DeLuca is a non-profit executive that has devoted his career to serving the region’s diverse population of children, adults, and seniors through programs and services that empower youth, improve health and strengthen community bonds.

For more than 40 years, Deluca has held the position of Executive Director of the Little Falls YMCA. He continues his leadership role today under the organization’s new name and structure as the Executive Director for the Little Falls Youth & Family Center and the Executive Director, Youth & Family Center of the Mohawk Valley.

Throughout the years, Deluca has responded to local community needs with an unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and excellence. He has been instrumental in advancing programs like the Little Falls Community Outreach Lunch program and taking leadership roles with the City of Little Falls as Chair of the Little Falls Tourism Board, Chair of Canal Celebration, Vice President, City of Little Falls Recreation Commission, City of Little Falls Harbor Commission member, and as a board member of the City of Little Falls Planning Board. He also serves as the Vice President of the Little Falls Hospital Board of Trustees and Board of Directors and is an officer of ARC Herkimer.

DeLuca brings a wealth of knowledge and non-profit organizational skills to the Little Falls Film Commission including funding/grant procurement, event planning, resource sourcing, logistics, project coordination, and management.

Austin Green
Born and raised in Little Falls, Austin Green is a digital filmmaker and video producer with hopes of becoming an actor/director. After obtaining his Associate’s Degree in Digital Filmmaking from Herkimer College, Austin studied at SUNY Plattsburgh for his Bachelor’s Degree.

Austin achieved his highest honor to date after being awarded “Best Student Producer,” “Best Character” and “Best Plattsburgh State Television Show” in the fall semester of 2019 for his show “Painting Platts,” a 5 episode parody of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting.”

As a video producer for the Little Falls Film Commission, Austin hopes to one day create and share stories through movies/television to not only entertain, but to inspire people all over the globe.

Elaine Cobb - Think Local Little Falls

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Chester Szymanski - City Engineer

Chet Szymanski is a local history buff, outdoorsman, part-time artist, and a full-time Engineer for the City of Little Falls and the neighboring community of Dolgeville. He and his wife are both natives of Little Falls, choosing to keep their roots in the community that they love.

As an Engineer, Chet has worked throughout the country on a wide variety of projects: taking ideas and leading them into existence. Chet is involved in the Film Commission not only to offer his experience in project planning and implementation but to help showcase the City of Little Falls.

Mark Regan
After working outside of the area for many years, Mark Regan returned to Little Falls with his wife Julie to raise their children and reconnect with family in the majestic rolling hills and rivers of the Mohawk Valley.

Although his career can best be described as an Electrical Consultant in the energy industry, his expertise spans organizational, leadership, and knowledge transfer roles as well.

He worked for the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) in Saudi Arabia for nearly 20 years. He worked at the corporate level of the Engineering and Project Management business line on some of the largest hydrocarbon and infrastructure megaprojects in the world. He was one of the key personnel in the development and rollout of the project quality management system used by international engineering, procurement, and construction companies for the execution of high-risk projects with global economic impact.

His career also included working for the US Department of Energy at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. His work included land and space-based high-energy systems at the Q clearance level. One of the initiatives he created was implemented across the DOE complex worldwide. This resulted in Mark receiving a Los Alamos National Laboratory Achievement Award.

He is an author, entrepreneur, father, and mentor. He is internationally recognized as a subject matter expert on engineering standards and grounding and bonding of electrical systems.

Much of his career was spent on professional development and mentoring for engineering and technical leaders of the workforce of tomorrow. He has also consulted for The World Bank, Fortune 100 companies, and international non-profit organizations in leadership, organizational and technical roles.

The most challenging and rewarding ongoing project to date is helping his wife raise two puppies and two amazing kids in the virtual school environment.

As part of giving back to Little Falls, Mark’s vision is to create a vibrant sustainable community. His involvement in the community and the Little Falls Film Commission helps foster, inspire and support others to unleash their talent for a local and global impact.

Jordyan Mueller - Little Falls Volunteer Corps
Jordyan Mueller is the co-founder and lead organizer of the Little Falls Volunteer Corps, an organization that connects individual volunteers with organizations to deepen collective impact in the city.

Jordyan is an experienced community organizer, trainer, and facilitator who also runs a statewide AmeriCorps program focused on training and mentoring young people to provide conflict resolution services to youth and families.

She is a mother of two young children and loves Little Falls, both for its aesthetic beauty and for the sense of community it offers. While her focus is typically on community development and support, she says she does enjoy the arts quite a bit.

Fun fact: she starred in the Little Falls High School production of Barry Manilow’s “Copa Cabana” as Conchita Alverez in 2005.

David Casullo

Born and raised in Little Falls, Dave has a very deep affinity for the history, the people, and the culture here. Dave’s career in business has given him the opportunity to see the world and to appreciate the values he has come to recognize as unique to growing up in this community. Having married his high school sweetheart, Dave and Lori (Shepardson) have always made Little Falls their home base. Now, both are committed to helping Little Falls advance in ways that are important to its long-term sustainable success.

Dave says emphatically, “Film production, media, and entertainment, hold a very important place in the future of Little Falls because this place is uniquely positioned to support the industry given its aesthetic beauty, quintessential small-town charm, and supportive people – like our Mayor and those on this commission.”

Craig Lockwood

Hi, my name is Craig Lockwood and I am from Little Falls NY. I live here with my wife and 4 children. I run a small painting business here in the community and when I am not doing that I am taking up my passion of acting. I have performed in many plays including the Utica players club and the little Ilion theater. I also work as a background actor for shows in NYC and attend acting classes to peruse my craft of acting.

Andrew Casullo
Andrew Casullo is, unequivocally, himself. Relentlessly doing the stuff duty calls him to do. And, for the most part, doing so with great enthusiasm—because he didn’t have to pick his job from a hat.

He has earned a few inscribed diplomas in various disciplines from a couple of accredited institutions; he has even set himself up with a woman far above his league and two adorable snot slingers during his stomp-trek about this life.

Oft a taker of the long way ‘round, Andrew never wavers. Never taking his eye off the prize, he sees every task through to its end.

He is a man of his word.

In short, Andrew’s a guy with myriad interests (admittedly, most mere curiosities). The only things he’s fairly certain of are his uncertainties.

But he hopes—

And he rises each day with the absolute best intentions, giving his everything to making sure that he, and those around him, do all they can to remain calm and focused on winning the day. One at a time. Regardless of the circumstances.

Sam Brown

Brown has worked in the entertainment industry for the better part of three decades. The majority of his career has been centered on technical production in the NYC area, with work in both the corporate and artistic worlds.

He has honed his expertise from the bottom up which has helped him to understand all the potential needs a production may encounter.

His clients span from live theater, dance, music, sports, television, film, fundraisers, conventions, and retreats.

He has handled almost every aspect of technical work in entertainment and there has never been a dull day.

Plan your production visit!

Jay Stern with Boone Entertainment said, “what we look for, and what I’m really impressed by in Little Falls, is the variety, which means that we can shoot the entire thing in one location.”

“It looks to me like there are a lot of beautiful old buildings and a lot of different sorts of beautiful scenery. So anything that’s suburban in nature, we can probably shoot here. Something that’s rural we can shoot here, something that needs old historical buildings, we can shoot here as well.”