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Film crew spending week in Little Falls

Kayla Farrish takes a quick break from filming while in Canal Place. by Dave Warner This week, a film crew is spending seven days in Little Falls filming parts of a movie called ‘Martyr’s Fiction’ by Kayla Farrish. The movie maps the inevitable tipping point of five...

It’s a wrap at the powerhouse

by Dave Warner Hannah Straney was back creating another dance film in Little Falls last week after she wrapped up shooting her third one of the series the day before in Utica. This one was different in several ways, in that it was supported by local donations,...

Straney posts first of several films

Nathan Nirschl and Hannah Straney discuss some of the dance moves they'll be doing during the filming of 'Dust' in November of 2020. by Dave Warner Back in November, Hannah Straney started working on a concept that she had about creating dance films in Little Falls....
Movie producers scout Little Falls for potential projects

Movie producers scout Little Falls for potential projects

Hollywood movie producer Jay Stern takes a photo with his phone along the Erie Canal, just before Lock 17. by Dave Warner Last week, Little Falls hosted two Hollywood movie producers who were looking for locations to shoot anywhere from three to five family-friendly...

The streets of Little Falls are not always ‘Quiet’

The streets of Little Falls are not always ‘Quiet’

by Dave Warner If you were out and about today on Main Street, you might have seen actor John Krasinski walking the area and scouting locations for a possible visit to the City once again. According to Mayor Mark Blask "We are doing everything we can to make this...

It’s not just a quiet place to make a film

It’s not just a quiet place to make a film

A screen capture from "I Was There" of the flag-draped casket at Mohawk Valley Funerals and Cremations. by Dave Warner Little Falls has been home to some filming in recent days, and it's not just a one minute spot in a major motion film. A short documentary or...

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